Gun Laws in Louisiana

Explore comprehensive information on Louisiana gun laws. Learn about the regulations for purchasing, carrying, and owning firearms in Louisiana, including permits, open carry rules, and more.

Subject/Law Long Guns Hand Guns Relevant Statutes Notes
State permit required to purchase? No No
Firearm registration? No No
Assault weapon law? No No
Magazine capacity restriction? No No
Owner license required? No No
Permit required for concealed carry? N/A Yes La. R.S. 40:95
La. R.S. 40:1379.3
Louisiana is a "shall issue" state for citizens and lawful permanent residents who are 21 years or older.
Permit required for open carry? No No May carry openly without permit, except local ordinances passed before July 15, 1985 are valid.
Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground law? Yes Yes La. R.S. 14:19
State preemption of local restrictions? Yes Yes La. R.S. 40:1796 Local ordinances passed before July 15, 1985 are grandfathered in.
NFA weapons restricted? No No
Peaceable Journey laws? No No
Background checks required for private sales? No No
Duty to inform? No Yes La. R.S. 40:1379.3

Gun Laws by State: Louisiana

Understanding Gun Laws in Louisiana

Gun laws vary significantly from state to state. In Louisiana, the regulations around purchasing, carrying, and owning firearms are relatively relaxed compared to other states. This article provides a comprehensive overview of Louisiana's gun laws, making it easier for residents and visitors to understand their rights and responsibilities when it comes to firearms.

Purchasing Firearms in Louisiana

In Louisiana, there is no state permit required to purchase either long guns or handguns. This means that individuals can buy firearms without needing to obtain a specific permit from the state. Additionally, there is no requirement for firearm registration in Louisiana. Once you've legally purchased a firearm, you're not required to register it with any state or local authority.

Carrying Firearms in Louisiana

When it comes to carrying firearms, Louisiana's laws are a bit more nuanced. While there is no permit required for open carry of either long guns or handguns, a permit is required for concealed carry of handguns. This is outlined in La. R.S. 40:95 and La. R.S. 40:1379.3. Louisiana is a "shall issue" state, meaning that as long as you meet the legal requirements, you will be issued a concealed carry permit. These requirements generally include being at least 21 years old and being a citizen or lawful permanent resident.

It's also important to note that while you can carry openly without a permit, local ordinances passed before July 15, 1985, are still valid and may impose additional restrictions.

Additional Louisiana Gun Laws

There are a few other key aspects of Louisiana's gun laws to be aware of. First, Louisiana has a Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground law, as outlined in La. R.S. 14:19. This law essentially allows you to use deadly force to protect yourself in your home, vehicle, or other legally occupied place without the duty to retreat first.

Second, Louisiana has a state preemption of local restrictions on firearms, as outlined in La. R.S. 40:1796. This means that state law generally overrides local laws when it comes to firearms. However, local ordinances passed before July 15, 1985, are grandfathered in and may still apply.

Finally, it's important to note that there are no restrictions on NFA (National Firearms Act) weapons in Louisiana, and there are no Peaceable Journey laws. Also, there are no background checks required for private sales of firearms, and there is no duty to inform law enforcement that you're carrying a firearm unless you're carrying a concealed handgun.


Understanding gun laws can be complex, but it's crucial for responsible firearm ownership. In Louisiana, the laws generally favor the rights of gun owners, with few restrictions on purchasing, carrying, and owning firearms. However, it's always important to stay informed about any changes to these laws and to ensure you're complying with all relevant regulations.